Discord bot to validate Osmosis tokens without connecting wallet

Hi everyone,

If you’re a Discord user, you’re probably familiar with assigning roles based on NFT or token holdings. Typically, this requires users to connect their wallets to websites for validation. However, with the increasing risk of wallet drains, users are becoming more cautious about connecting their wallets to new Discord tools.

This is where the Token Gate bot comes in.

What is the Token Gate bot?

Token Gate allows Discord community members to validate their assets, either NFTs or tokens, without needing to connect their wallets to any site. This ensures compatibility with any wallet, not just Keplr or LEAP.

How does it work?

  1. The bot prompts the user to send a transaction to a monitored wallet, including a PIN number in the memo field.

  2. The bot monitors transactions on this wallet. Once it detects the transaction with the correct PIN, it verifies the assets in the user’s wallet and assigns the appropriate Discord roles.

How are roles defined?

Discord admins can specify which roles should be assigned based on the NFTs or tokens users hold and the quantities required for each role.

Screenshot 2024-05-24 at 11.45.37 PM

Why roles for NFTs?
With NFTs gaining traction on Osmosis, led by Mad Scientists, and marketplaces like Necropolis from Backbone Labs emerging, this bot enables communities to gather on Discord and securely assign roles based on NFT holdings.

Why roles for Tokens?
Meme coins are trending, and with their introduction to Osmosis via start.cooking, this bot allows communities to safely assign Discord roles based on token holdings.

The bot is ready to deploy. It currently supports Osmosis and has the potential to expand to Stargaze and other Cosmos chains.

I’m looking for feedback on the bot’s functionality to improve it further. Additionally, I’m seeking communities interested in supporting or testing this tool.

:lab_coat: Everything is an Experiment :test_tube:


I like option of having this capability of verification without connecting to any discord app!

Hanging around NFT communities on Discord has certainly exposed me to a continuous stream of warnings of servers getting compromised by drainers.

This creates a HUGE risk to users because of the current airdrop meta toward NFT communities, alternatives are welcome.


Tool has been released, please feel free to try it out.

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