Classic LPs vs Supercharged LPs

Could you explain (in layman’s terms):

-The benefits of leaving a classic pool and migrating to a supercharged pool? Are classic pools going to become obsolete?

-How to migrate. For example, assume that I am already in a classic pool and would like to move my assets to the new supercharged pool. What are the steps?

-What if I don’t have an existing position in a classic pool and decide to join a supercharged pool? Is that process different?

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Classic pools are far less efficient. Since a Passive position in a Supercharged Pool is the same thing as a Classic pool they will probably stop being used. There is no difference unless it receives Osmosis incentives - in which case not migrating gets you slightly less incentives to encourage migration.

In general, a more concentrated position gets you more swap fees at an increased risk. If your position goes out of its price range then you have sold all of token A for token B or vice versa depending on the direction.

If migration is available for your pool, there will be a button on the pool page that allows this.

You can try that out now with the current pool: Trade on Osmosis Zone
You select a range from some presets or a custom range and add liquidity. The liquidity proportion will be based on your range so might not be 50/50.

Much appreciated. I read the paper and the prop a few times, but I didn’t think I had a good grasp of the concept just yet. Thanks, Johnny.