Claim Rewards from all chains & Swap to Osmo

There should be a bottom that let OSMO users to claim rewards from all chains (ATOM, INJ, TIA, etc…) and convert it to OSMO token. Should be amazing, I am doing it this manually every time is annoying. Should be amazing for the ecosystem growth.

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Lots of people have mentioned/asked for this lately, I spoke with someone from Yieldmos about it and they said basically it’s not economically viable.
Reliability would very likely be crud, depending on how many networks you’re using it for, and the maintenance involved to keep it working at all is cost-prohibitive.

I would expect this as a service from TFM or something like that.
Where the user flow is comparable to liquid staking (IBC, stake, enjoy) and in this case it would be Claim, IBC, Swap, Enjoy.

I think the profitability or feasibility of this should be left to the user’s choice, if not profitable for me due to the fees, I can wait until I accumulate more rewards and do it later.

I still think that should be amazing feature.

I fully agree but what I mean (what I think he meant anyway) is that nobody has built it because there is no reason for them to (they can’t get paid for it and it would require upkeep basically forever).

this is significantly more difficult than something like just a “claim all validators” button for a single chain. might be a good thing to work with Skip for if anyone does want to build this, they’ve done most of the work for you already.