Change STABLE/STABLE VSG to a Composability VSG

This proposal would create a new Volume Splitting Group based on pairings of Similar assets, replacing the current STABLE/STABLE grouping.


The current STABLE/STABLE Volume Splitting Group consists of 6 pools:

  • USDC/USDT (0.01% and 0.05%)
  • USDC/DAI (0.01% and 0.05%)
  • USDT/DAI (0.01% and 0.05%)

Based on the March Incentives Adjustment the USDC/USDT 0.01% pool has 97% of the volume of the grouping and so receives 97% of the incentives.

This proposal proposes that, due to the low adoption of Kava USDT within the Cosmos, this pool is similar to the existing, ungrouped, Composability pools with similar volume levels, such as USDC.axl/USDC and WBTC.axl/WBTC.
USDT, on Osmosis, acts mainly as either a gateway asset to the predominantly USDC or OSMO based liquidity pools or as an option to allow users to hold an asset with a different risk basis.

This is similar to the current differentiation between USDT.axl/USDT, USDC.axl/USDC and WBTC.axl/WBTC.

This proposal would create a new volume splitting group that includes these pools in addition to the current STABLE/STABLE grouping and signal moving incentives to this group in a future proposal.

Proposed Grouping


  • USDT/USDC (0.01%) - 1220
  • USDT/USDC (0.05%) - 1274
  • DAI/USDC (0.01%) - 1260
  • DAI/USDC (0.05%) - 1275
  • DAI/USDT (0.01%) - 1261
  • DAI/USDT (0.05%) - 1276
  • USDC.axl/USDC (0.01%) - 1223
  • USDT.axl/USDT (0.05%) - 1150
  • WBTC.axl/WBTC (0.01%) - 1422

The full impact of these changes to the incentives received by the individual pools based on current volumes can be seen here:

Target On-chain Date: 25th March 2024


Retracting this proposal.

While they do fulfill similar purposes, the composability pools likely need fixed smaller incentives similar to the previous implementation.

This proposal would result in the removal of incentives from the USDC/USDT pool and increases them on the already lucrative USDC.axl/USDC pairing.

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