Best way to convert a token to USDT (Ethereum)

i have some WBTC.axl (axelar) tokens with me. what is the best (cheapest) way to convert them to USDT (Ethereum) ? thanks.


Probably deposit on Osmosis, swap to USDT and use one of the bridges to go out.

You could check out tools like the swap frontend of (not sure if it supports going to ETH as well) or TFM or Skip

Rango might work as well

Your best bet is probably to go with Squid.

It will swap your wbtc.axl to USDC.axl on Osmosis, bridge the USDC.axl to Ethereum using Axelar, then swap USDC.axl for USDT on Ethereum. Just be weary of gas prices if attempting to bridge to Ethereum mainnet, Axelar transaction can be quite expensive due to their deposit addresses. May be cheaper to bridge to Arbitrum first, then use an ethereum bridge like Across to get over to mainnet. Be sure to check slippage settings (default is 1.5% on Squid, I switch to .5%) & break up into multiple swaps if your size is size etc.