Automatic swap into both assets from one asset when providing LP

When providing liquidity, it would be awesome if the team can create an optional “one click” automatically break down a single asset into the appropriate %s of two assets for easy deposit. I struggle to do the math in their head to do swaps into the appropriate proportion before depositing them into the pool. - cut down the hassle for users who want to deposit into your LPs.


Yeah! Sounds good to me.

Estupendo es una maravilla

What kind of pools does this concern?

Since this is already the case on the Osmosis front-end?

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This doesn’t happen on SCL pools.

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Why did theydo awat with the one sided pools they already had it at one point the mechanism already exist…

this is like a thing of the past most new pools dont allow this function!!


But that was not mentioned in the original post ^^

Note that there is another thread about this here:

Note this thread as well.

Wonderfull request for V3 position creation

This is essentially what you’re already doing by adding single-sided liquidity to an AMM pool.

Imagine the pool starts with 10 of token A and 10 of token B

If you add 10 of token B only, the pool now has 10 of token A and 20 of token B

If you swap 5 B for 5 A, the pool now has 5 A and 15 B

Now you add 5 B and 5 A, and the pool again has 10 A and 20 B

By buying the token from that pool you may affect it enough that adding the position you wanted is no longer possible, and you’ll have to reload the page anyway