Autocompounding LP

Hi everyone,
First post here, just found out that Spectrum Protocol seems to have abandonned Terra&Terraclassic and gone to Aptos, which leaves the demand unsatisfied.

Spectrum Protocol used to offer some very nice features, namely providing just one of the two assets of a LP into the pool, with auto rebalancing, and, especially, which is the point of my post, autocompounding LP positions (instead of the manual claim, swap and “increase liquidity” that are required in regular LP products).

Would it be relevant to make it a native Osmosis LP [optional?] feature? I think that would be great. Don’t know to which extent their code can serve as a basis and prevent the Osmosis devs from having to do all the work.

Thank you in advance

Did you check:

They kinda seem to already offer what you are looking for :slight_smile:

Indeed, it might, in the long term, offer part of it :

  • The Yieldmos feature seems promising. However, it’s still in early alpha stage, and Yieldmos doesn’t offer it to me as it doesn’t detect the fact I have added liquidity into 3 Osmosis pools, so I get the “please add liquidity first” message and cannot use it. It might be fixed later.
    (edit : upon verification with the Yieldmos team, they’re telling me a very small subset of the pools is eligible for restaking, most of them aren’t).

  • The Quasar one (alpha too) seems nice too, although I cannot use my Osmosis existing liquidity there, I have to pull from Osmosis and add from scratch the 2 assets on Quasar.

Don’t know to which extent, once those two are functional, a native option on Osmosis will be relevant.

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