Adjusting Range on Supercharge Pools

Hi i been using Supercharged pools, but in a custom range after opening it, I could not readjust my range in which I am providing liquidity, I have to remove liquidity and open it again. Since in custom ranges the position goes out of range quiet fast it is annoying that we can not readjust range.

Can you please add this feature please?

Waiting for automatic tracking in general for the supercharged liquidity.

This is now a play for bots, which might be ok-ish, but if we want to make the platform more inclusive it would be cool to add pro-like features which are open to all.

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I’ve also encountered the same issue while repositioning or rebalancing the pools on OSMOSIS when it goes ‘OUT of Range’. It is very frustrating not being able to readjust the range automatically; I have to manually swap the single-sided assets to achieve a balance of, let’s say, X% ATOM and Y% USDC, or vice versa. However, this manual swapping process can be quite tedious and time-consuming, especially in custom ranges where positions can quickly go out of range.

I fully support your suggestion. I would like to kindly request the implementation of an automatic feature that can automatically balance the single-sided assets to maintain an X% ATOM and Y% USDC ratio, or vice versa, whenever the pair goes ‘OUT of RANGE.’ I came across a DEX called ‘Orca | DeFi for people, not programs’ which offers such a feature, and it has proven to be quite efficient.

Therefore, I would greatly appreciate it if you could consider integrating a similar automatic balancing feature into OSMOSIS. This would significantly enhance the user experience and make providing liquidity on the platform much more convenient and user-friendly.

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