Tracking tool for the performance of supercharged pools

Hello guys,

i am a DeFi enthusiast and trying out the new supercharged pools on osmosis. I love to see that osmosis is improving over the time and like the new features. Since i am trying out the supercharged pools in a few days i realized something which we maybe would need a solution for in future. The point of concentraded liquidity providing is to have a small but effective price range to get a pretty high APR. Therefor it is also needed to close the pools sometimes and to update the price range to be in a healthy range. The problem is that everytime you close a pool and make a new price range it makes it pretty hard to track the performance since the ratio between the 2 coins changes always on different price ranges. Some could say yeah just track your wallet worth but me as a DeFi enthusiast would love to have a tool which would track the performance of each pool and maybe also calculates the Impermanent loss automaticlly. I dont know if this is possible or if there is even demand for this kind of ideas but i thought i will just suggest it here in a forum.
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Happy new year


Would love to see it also