Add PICA/OSMO to External Incentive Matching program


Osmosis is currently the sole DEX venue for PICA on Cosmos and will continue to be the target venue for ibc-based DotSama assets bridged via Picasso’s transfer protocol, Centauri. Composable has allocated 103,846,153.84 PICA to be used as external liquidity rewards on the PICA/OSMO pool over time.

We propose matching the incentives with OSMO rewards to attract additional Osmosis users and liquidity to the pool.

By voting YES on this proposal, OSMO stakers voice their support for adding the PICA/OSMO pool to the external incentive matching program.

By voting NO on this proposal, OSMO stakers voice their dissent for adding the PICA/OSMO pool to the external incentive matching program.

About Picasso

Picasso network is a substrate based parachain that lives on the Kusama network. Picasso acts as a DeFi hub within the DotSama ecosystem which allows for substrate native dApp deployment as well as the ability to host CosmWasm based applications within its CosmWasm VM. Furthermore, Picasso acts as the network gateway to the Kusama ecosystem through the ability to transfer assets across its IBC-based transfer protocol, Centauri.

The PICA token is the native governance token of the Picasso network. It is used the network via collator staking (DotSama) and validator staking (Cosmos), and accrues fees from activity across the network.



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I fully support this. Composable built IBC bridge to DotSama that has a direct positive impact for Osmosis so therefore Picasso deserves full support of Osmosis community.

I admire Picasso’s commitment to incentives the PICA/OSMO pool for a whole year, and there already being OSMO paired pools on their DEX.

The amount of incentives that Picasso is spending and is being asked to match for just the PICA/OSMO pool could be more efficiently and effectively used to provide a sufficient amount of protocol owned liquidity to the PICA/OSMO pools on each DEX, which both protocols could commit to maintaining for at least a six month term, at which point it could be renewed, so that the OSMO that is remaining could be used to help establish and bootstrap a concentrated Centauri bridged Kusama/OSMO pool on Osmosis, which perhaps will be more successful as Centauri bridge costs seem to be a lot lower than Axelar’s, and with some ProtoRev ATOM revenue, establish and incentivize a PICA/ATOM pool on Picasso.

If there is some way for the PICA that been committed to incentives from the PICA/OSMO pool already to be released so that a better mutually beneficial strategy could be deployed that would be great.

Bridging over DOT via the Centauri bridge also seems like it is going to be cheaper than that of using Satellite or Squid from Axelar via Moonbeam. A migration of Axelar bridged DOT via Moonbeam to Centauri bridged DOT when the DOT/OSMO pool gets upgraded to a concentrated liquidity pool is perhaps worth considering too if it hasn’t been already.

This proposal is on chain: