Add (composable)DOT/OSMO to External Incentive Matching program

The details of this proposal will closely resemble Composable’s concurrent discussion on KSM/OSMO incentive matching

Composable’s IBC-based bridge, Centauri, has been used to bring over Polkadot’s native token, DOT. This will be the first time that IBC native DOT is available to the Cosmos ecosystem . A (composable)DOT/OSMO pool has been initialized via Osmosis to allow Cosmos users to access liquidity on the asset.
Composable will allocate 6,153,846.15 PICA to be used as initial external liquidity rewards on the DOT/OSMO pool over time.

We propose matching the incentives with OSMO rewards to attract additional Osmosis users and liquidity to the pool.

By voting YES on this proposal, OSMO stakers voice their support for adding the DOT/OSMO pool to the external incentive matching program.

By voting NO on this proposal, OSMO stakers voice their dissent for adding the DOT/OSMO pool to the external incentive matching program.

About Picasso + Centauri

Picasso network is a substrate based parachain that lives on the Kusama network. Picasso acts as a DeFi hub within the DotSama ecosystem which allows for substrate native dApp deployment as well as the ability to host CosmWasm based applications within its CosmWasm VM.
Centauri is an IBC-based bridging protocol focused on extending IBC beyond the Cosmos ecosystem. It currently allows transfers between Kusama, Polkadot, and Cosmos.


Centauri Bridge:


Telegram: Telegram: Contact @composablefinance

Discord: Composable Finance

Github: Composable Finance · GitHub


I believe we have axlDOT currently receiving incentives, right? Since this is an IBC-native version, should we also move to make this version canonical on Osmosis and migrate the axlDOT incentives to this pool?

WDYT @JohnnyWyles ?

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Canonical version prop is here: Implement Composable’s Centauri bridge as the canonical route to the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem

Removing Incentives from the pool/native addition can either be a future prop or bundled into this one in my opinion.

Do we expect that the pools will attract more interest from outside the ecosystem? Since at this stage it is not dramatic yet. And I don’t think we should be targetting Cosmos-people, but especially people outside the Cosmoverse.