Add Gelotto developer wallet to Osmosis whitelist

This proposal seeks to whitelist the developer wallet [osmo1jejp2q3end3sc8g2v535wmdfr4x766e434pq67] for the Gelotto development team to allow deployment of smart contracts on the Osmosis network without requiring a passing governance proposal for each deployment. Over time, Gelotto intends to deploy one or more of the following applications on Osmosis:

  • “PampIT”: a fair-launch platform for deploying tokens, trading these tokens, and automatic generation of liquidity pools for these tokens once certain conditions are met
  • “Gelotto Threads”: an on-chain communication platform that allows batched interactions and tipping functionality, with future plans to expand the types of content and embedded applications that may be posted
  • “Staking-as-the-house”: a staking hub and yield-generation platform for Gelotto’s native GLTO token, through which stakers receive a portion of the revenue from various Gelotto games, while the staked tokens serve as the source of liquidity that pays winnings for the games
  • Various Gelotto games that interface with Staking-as-the-house: See for examples of such games

Each of these deployments will require multiple smart contracts. Reliance on governance proposals to upload each individual contract creates a burden both on development and on the Osmosis governance system. The first Dapp to be deployed on Osmosis by the Gelotto team will be PampIT. To learn more about PampIT please review:


A vote of Yes indicates agreement to whitelist the Gelotto developer wallet and permit deployment of smart contracts on the Osmosis network without requiring a passing governance proposal for each contract.

A vote of No indicates disagreement with the above and a preference that the status quo of requiring a passing governance proposal for each contract deployment is maintained.


Gelotto ( is a Web3 software company that focuses primarily on the development of cryptocurrency-based games of chance, as well as more generally-useful tooling for managing games, smart contracts, user accounts, access control lists, spam and bot detection and deterrence, on-chain communication, token deployment, distribution of tokens to holders of various assets, and more. Much of this tooling was developed in support of Gelotto’s games of chance, but is also generally applicable for a variety of other purposes.

In addition to its gaming platform, Gelotto has released numerous NFT collections, with NFT ownership granting holders access to various community features and events, and has developed associated tooling for batched distribution of rewards to NFT holders.

Gelotto also operates validators on 15 networks across the Cosmos/IBC ecosystem, including the Osmosis network.

There are no Gelotto-contracts uploaded to the Osmosis chain currently? I lost track hahaha

With respect to the validators; they are used as a source of income for the team to be able to build the contracts, games and incentive models?

The main advantage is that Gelotto is a player which is already for longer in the ecosystem and not a new name. Messing things up has an effect on the reputation of Gelotto, so I think we can safely assume (correct me if I’m wrong) that applications are properly tested before they are uploaded.

There are no Gelotto contracts on Osmosis yet. We currently have contracts deployed on: $JUNO, $ARCH, $STARS, and $INJ. All contracts all battle tested before mainnet deployment.

All of our smart contracts/tools are open source: Gelotto · GitHub

As for our validators, yes we use that to help fund development.