Upload Ojo Oracle Contract Wasm Code

Upload Ojo Oracle Contract Wasm Code


This proposal intends to upload the Ojo Oracle Contract for use by Levana on Osmosis.

The Levana team has agreed to use the Ojo Oracle in order to determine the price of assets for their deployment on Osmosis.

About Ojo

Ojo uses a push-model price oracle contract which broadcasts regular price updates. Ojo is able to support a unique class of assets that are native to DEXes like Osmosis, Crescent, and Kujira’s FIN. As a result, Ojo is the only oracle which provides pricing info on all of Stride’s LSTs and other native tokens to the Cosmos. This also includes our Smart Oracle offering, which provides contextual market data about low-volume assets so that they can engage in DeFi safely.

Ojo has already been deployed to these Cosmos L1s: Stargaze, Juno, Comdex, Umee, Secret Network, and Archway.

About Levana

Levana Perps is a protocol for perpetual swaps, which are leveraged trading contracts. It aims to manage risk and provide benefits to both traders and liquidity providers. Levana’s perpetual swaps protocol offers a reliable and secure platform for traders and liquidity providers. It ensures fair settlement, minimizes risks, and allows for the development of additional financial protocols on top of tokenized positions.

Contract Information

Release Version: sdk47-v1.7.0

Code Url : Release sdk47-v1.7.0 · ojo-network/contracts · GitHub

Compiler Version : cosmwasm/workspace-optimizer:0.12.7

Checksum : 560673bbd71f1bf10326048292313e9c9c0e29cc4f45b2377a4faee1f72c5107


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