Signaling Proposal for WHALE/OSMO into Regular Incentive Program on Osmosis

This is a signaling proposal for the inclusion of the OSMO/WHALE pool (#960) in the set of assets that receive regularly OSMO liquidity incentives. After this proposal has passed governance, pool #960 will migrate from external incentive match to the regular incentives program of Osmosis.


WHALE serves as the native Gas asset of Migaloo and utility token in the White Whale dApp. Migaloo is a permissionless Blockchain built with the Cosmos SDK. It comes with its flagship dApp, the White Whale Protocol. The White Whale Protocol is the first live Interchain Liquidity Protocol in the Cosmos Ecosystem. Commonwealth Thread: Commonwealth Vote YES to approve the external incentive match extension. Vote NO to disapprove the external incentive match. Vote NO WITH VETO to disapprove the external incentive match and forfeit the proposal deposits. Vote ABSTAIN to abstain from the decision.

Do you intend this proposal to be for the “External Incentive Matching” or do you want to be in the “Regular Incentive” program?

The title says A, the text seems to hint on B which is kinda confusing what we will be voting on…

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thanks for the feedback.

We are proposing to get included into the regular incentive match program on Osmosis. We edited the proposal so that it becomes more clear.


Much better this way imo

Should probably drop the Commonwealth thread from the link with the new forum links.

As I gather, the reason for WHALE existing is to enable crowd-sourced cross-chain arbitrage and flash loans. On the main site I can choose a network to deposit WHALE to and a selection of pools.

My main questions are:

  • What proportion of the listed deposit APR comes from what?
    • How much is inflationary bootstrapping vs flash loan vs arbitrage profits?
    • What is the value of these broken down by chain over time? I.e. what KPIs do you monitor about a chain’s performance and where to target more activity.
  • Wouldn’t it make more sense to deposit things like ATOM as the user’s base if that is the liquidity you wish to balance?
  • WhiteWhale covers Terra, Juno, Chihuahua, Injective and Comdex right now. There don’t appear to be any plans to deploy to Osmosis on the site though?
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Dear Johnny,

I appreciate you coming forward with those thought-provoking questions. I’m happy to dive into them:

  1. The Whale incentives on the Osmosis pool are coming from the White Whale Foundation.
    We track various Key Performance Indicators across the board to evaluate White Whale’s performance.
    Regarding the APR’s you can go to our App and hover over the APR’s tab for each individual pool.
  2. We prefer to keep the liquidity concentrated in a single pool on osmosis for now.
  3. I’m glad you ask, Johnny. We are more than happy to have this discussion with the Osmosis community.

I think a commitment to deploy to Osmosis by the end of October (Is 3 months an appropriate amount of time? Or is that too much/little?) would help justify adding the WHALE/OSMO pool to the internal incentive program as it would better align the interests of the White Whale and Osmosis communities. White Whale would likely be able to attract more Osmosis token holders this way

Besides deploying to Osmosis, a commitment to improving the White Whale app would also be very much appreciated.

Things like providing information regarding:

  • ‘auto’ slippage tolerance. Users shouldn’t have to go hunting for this information.


  • swap fees. Unless there are no swap fees, fees should always be disclosed to users.


*the minimum amount received should be the primary figure users see while the expected amount should be placed underneath in smaller text as such information better serves the user/customer. This is something I wish Osmosis would do too, especially since the auto slippage tolerance is set at 1%, which seems to be an outdated standard, or at least becoming one as there appears to be a growing trend among new DEXs and DeFi apps on other networks having default/auto slippage tolerance settings at 0.5%.

  • increase text size for information provided below the swap button.

This information shouldn’t be in such fine print. There appears to be enough space to increase the text size by at least a few points.

Even though the text size is much smaller, major props for making it readily available to users though instead of making it an option users have to select to see. Personally, I believe such information should always be immediate presented to users. Anything less than that is hiding information, at least in my book. I was very disappointed in Osmosis when it made the change to hide this information from their users.


  • make the flash loan feature available for everyone to use.

I may only know how to write STATA code, which is at least enough to know what is going on here and figure out how (if I really wanted to even though it may take me some time to get right and comfortable enough to actually go through with it), but I am rather confident that that the average retail investor or trader, at least those coming from traditional finance, would have to dedicate much more time than I would to figure out. That being said, only offering flash loan services in such a manner that White Whale currently does, at least in my opinion, seems to go against its mission of empowering retail to “be the whale” and providing them with “flash loans and open-source bots to overcome the capital and knowledge barriers that exists to perform liquidations and arbitrage.” knowledge barrier, or at least a rather steep learning curve here that retail has to overcome to access this service.

I think a link to Example - White Whale Docs on the page would go a long way in the mean time.

I believe White Whale could attract more user if this service was made more accessible. Retail wouldn’t have to put so much time into learning how to code per say to use this service, and instead use that time to learn about thing like technical analysis and keeping up to date with market information and events.

I do believe that these changes would benefit current White Whale users and help it attract more users from the networks it deployed on, both current and future ones.

Also, I think working with the Comdex community to get the Comdex pools up and running since there are CMDX/OSMO and CMST/OSMO pools on both Osmosis and C-Swap, and with OSMO being a CMST collateral asset, I believe there is not only a much stronger economic added value case that justifies the WHALE/OSMO pool being added to the internal incentive program, especially if it is going to expand to Osmosis, and if both deployments are successful, I believe it could pave the way to enabling SFS as well as help White Whale expand to other ecosystem DEXs like Shade Protocol where OSMO and CMST are also found and hopefully help bring Silk to Osmosis.



That is very valuable feedback thank you so much!

We already opened up issues regarding the front end improvements (Issues · White-Whale-Defi-Platform/white-whale-frontend · GitHub) and will discuss the other improvement suggestions with relevant team members and the Osmosis team as well.

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