Osmosis Support Lab Transparency Report #1 - by Interbloc


After 3 months of the OSL’s operation, we present the first transparency report of its operation and effectiveness. First an apology for the delay, the selected person for the role of Auditor had a personal situation that forced them to step down, as such we had to adjust our planned reporting schedule.

The structure of the report will be:

  1. OSL performance and service coverage
  2. Areas of opportunity and improvement
  3. Suggestions from Interbloc (executed and pending)

OSL performance and service coverage

OSL continues to provide excellent support service to Osmosis’ users. We also noticed a significant increase in user support requests as the market has recovered during October. Tickets increased by 50% compared to previous months. Currently averaging about 1 ticket per hour through help crunch beside the several messages on discord and telegram.

source data for HelpCrunch (web widget) here: Helpcrunch Report - Google Sheets

The team has a defined schedule where each member covers in a 24/7 time block. They also track any changes to the predetermined schedule for payment purposes, there is no way for anyone to be paid more than they worked. We still don’t have a way to audit all the timeblocks but are working on it.

Im avoiding publicizing details for now, there seems to be some OSL staff members that have been harassed in the past so access to this can be given to any Osmosis staker that requests it.

In regard to treasury management the OSL has enough to cover its responsibilities for the service period. You can check the available treasury here: Osmosis Support Lab and the payment proposals here: Osmosis Support Lab

Keep in mind the payments are done on a bi-weekly basis.

There was also a single point-of-contact implemented to better communicate from OSL , Interbloc and the foundation. The person selected by OSL members was Jason. This position is only as a representative and does not entail any management responsibilities besides helping us collate and check this data.

Areas of opportunity and improvement

We are still working on implementing Mava. There was a request from Osmosis team to have a better branding match between the support widget and the Osmosis theme in general, we expect the new widget to go live throughout December and integrate the AI responses were appropriate.

There have been isolated instances, specifically on Discord where users where not serviced in over an hour. We expect Mava to help us track this more accurately to avoid speculation.

A need exists

The auditor position is still needed as someone that works directly with the support staff and allows us to better observe and suggest improvements to the OSL internal processes.

Status of Interbloc recommendations (executed and pending)

  • Changing support tool to Mava (in progress)
    As stated previously we are waiting on the mava team to implement brand differentiation in their widget, they have communicated this will be done in the coming days.

  • Auditor position (pending)
    This is pending in getting either someone from OSL that wants this role or a new member, this will be completed through December. Sadly $2,000 were charged by RedRabbit before delivering his reports, this will be covered by Interbloc if needed.

  • Clear and defined schedules (completed with improvements coming)
    This was already in progress by OSL and is being updated on a regular basis, we deem it appropriate for now but expect to implement something from Interbloc that will allow us to automate this.

  • Transparent budget (completed)
    With the DAODAO structure this seems to be enough as a transparency measure, I’ve reviewed the spends and there doesn’t seem to be any discrepancy between reported time worked and payment. This was implemented in the first few days of this funding period by OSL and seems to be effective.

  • Limited scope for OSL (completed)
    OSL activities beside support have been significantly reduced, there is no expectation of work done besides the support shifts, although some members continue to help beyond what is requested of them. We believe for now this will allow OSL to continue operating in this reduced capacity but recommend having an increased budget in the future to reward members that provide outsized value from the minimum expectation.

Closing thoughts

OSL continues to be an extremely important part of the Osmosis community and the Cosmos at large. There are definitely things that can be improved but the current members are willing to improve and most of all care deeply about the users and the ecosystem.

Will try to make this report on a bi-monthly basis so there is a more predictable cadence to them. Appreciate any input on this report and for any comments you can contact me through the forums, on the Osmosis discord and telegram (@luisqagt).


I very very much love the OSL in general, since I still believe it makes quite the difference compared to other DEX and CEX.

Can you send me in DM what is expected from the auditor? I am experienced with process improvement, I might be able to help out.