Let me hide or delete dust pools from which I can't remove liquidity

I have several dust pools that I never joined, are just filling space in /pools, and that I cannot even remove (thus send/sell).

As you can see they are not bonded, but if I try to “Remove Liquidity” I either get an error or nothing happens (cause I guess the shares are very low?).

Having a toggle on the UI would be a quick fix, but as an investor I would like a long term & efficient solution, ie. to erase them from state if possible (like anything under 1$). A common solution other chains adopt, which is mainly an anti-spam measure, I think is having existential deposits, which in this case would transalte to existential pool shares, ie. an amount under which the asset is nulled.

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Hey, this is already a feature in the settings:

Cosmos Rescue also has a feature that should bust these entirely if you want:

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