CL pool reviving


The past week I have been looking at the pool #1123 SOL-USDT (pool) and it’s current status is bad and little embarrassing. Basically all CL providers fell out of range when SOL got a big bumb on it’s price. This meant that all LP’s were 100% USDT and no way to reposition, as the pool could not be traded for more SOL. As of writing, this is pools current state:

Right now there’s not much incentive for anyone to bridge SOL through Wormhole and LP it, because the price is distorted. It would be imminent impermanent loss.

As we are talking about a blue chip pool that has been voted via governance, I think there should be some procedure that could be used to kickstart the pool back in the life. When the pool gets back in it’s feet, these “emergency aid” funds could pulled back to treasury. If something like this was approved maybe it could be used automatically in the future to all governance voted pools?


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The bigger question is how we can make sure people can manage their positions more easily.

Should we implement methods to scale-up and down with their positions more easily? Or is CL in the current market quite difficult where liquidity in general is spread thin?

For me, we need to take a step back and investigate the drawbacks of CL and solve them. Which one of them you mentioned above for example.