Incentives Working Group

An Incentives Working Group was formed as part of the recent incentive changes in Prop 578. This thread will serve as a central place for community members to leave comments for the working group. The group meets periodically, and our meeting minutes are available here.

Meetings will generally be available to the public. Even if a meeting is not hosted publicly, its minutes will still be published. We will attempt to answer as many topical questions as we can during the meeting time.

If a set of questions seems similar, we may paraphrase/summarize them into one. If you ever feel like your question was missed or not understood, please let us know! We want to make sure the community can actively participate as they please.

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Maybe good to also include the “Who was present” and “Who was absent” part also in the meeting minutes.

Good thinking. I added that in. Thank you!

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Updating to inform everyone that tomorrow’s meeting will be postponed until Monday at 11:30am EST. Just accommodating some scheduling conflicts among the group’s members. Sorry for any inconvenience!

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Our working group meeting has started! You can join us on the Osmosis Discord.

Apologies for the late notice. The working group meeting has started. You can join us on the Osmosis Discord. The meeting minutes can be found here.

So with incentives being removed from all but a handful of pools next month, is the group basically going to be disbanded or shifting focus?

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While fewer pools are being incentivized, there’s still work to be done. Primarily working on fine-tuning the incentives, completing the SCL migration, and migrating to Volume Splitting Gauges. The bootstrapping process for newer pools (i.e., future additional strategic assets) is also being worked on.

Ideally, we reach a maintenance phase where minimal effort is required. At that point, discussing disbanding/shifting focus would make sense.

Reminder that the working group is meeting today! You can join us here. The meeting agenda is available here.

I’ll be traveling and we’ve just swapped to VSG, so the working group will not be meeting this Friday. We shall meet mid-November to discuss VSG and its impact along with next steps in integrating VSG to the incentives algorithm.

I am back and the working group is back in session. We’ll be meeting Monday, the 20th, at 11:0am EST. Primarily discussing VSG and Taker Fees. You can view the meeting agenda here.

My apologies, we will be postponing this meeting until Friday the 24th. Some members of the working group have been under the weather recently. The agenda will be updated with the new date and time once that’s finalized. Thank you for understanding!

Update, we’ll be meeting tomorrow at 1pm EST! Same agenda as linked before.

Updated forum link for anyone interested:

Meeting has started! Feel free to join us here. The meeting agenda can be found here.