Implement Composable’s Centauri bridge as the canonical route to the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem


This proposal would recognize Composable’s Centauri bridge as the canonical route to the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystem for Osmosis.

It would also establish Supercharged pools of OSMO/DOT and USDT/DOT as well as signal the migration of incentives from the OSMO/axlDOT pool to the new OSMO/DOT pool.


DOT within the Cosmos ecosystem, specifically Osmosis DEX, is currently sourced via multiple bridges provided by a combination of the Moonbeam and Axelar networks. This results in tokens wrapped by multiple protocols to enable axlDOT within Osmosis DEX.

For increased fungibility in a cross-chain environment, it becomes paramount to reduce the number of networks used to transfer an asset and, thus, reduce the number of times a token must be wrapped from source to destination.

In the current environment, DOT must be moved into Moonbeam and transferred through Axelar’s satellite bridge to reach its final destination on Cosmos. With the introduction of Composable’s Centauri bridge, we propose a migration from axlDOT to DOT sourced directly from Polkadot over Centauri, referred to as ibcDOT in this proposal for clarity.

About Composable and Centauri

Composable (comprised of Picasso network on Kusama, and eventually Composable network on Polkadot) acts as an infrastructure layer for asset transfers. The chain is made up of three components: i) the base layer L1, Picasso, which houses Pablo DEX and CosmWasm VM for smart contract deployment within Kusama, ii) Centauri, the transfer layer that enables bridging of assets over IBC, and iii) the composable virtual machine (in development), which enables smart contract orchestration between chains connected via Centauri.

Centauri is an IBC enabled chain within the Cosmos ecosystem that operates as an intermediary between source and destination to transfer assets via IBC. For example, assets transferred from Picasso (on Kusama) would follow the route of Picasso → Centauri → Cosmos Destination Chain; in the case of transfers from Polkadot, and additional hop would be needed and would follow the route of Polkadot → Picasso → Centauri → Cosmos Destination Chain. The transfer routes are able to be abstracted away via frontend, whereas only source and destination are conveyed to the end user. Currently, Centauri connects the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems, as well as connecting these chains to ten Cosmos app chains. As of the time of writing, Centauri is connected to Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, Neutron, Stride, Umee, Agoric, Stargaze, Secret, Crescent, and Chihuahua within the Cosmos.

With Centauri being built using IBC, we believe assets entering the Cosmos ecosystem should adhere to the transfer protocol used by the network. Therefore, an IBC-based bridging solution makes the most sense for transferring assets into the Cosmos ecosystem.


This proposal would recognize the DOT arriving over the Centauri bridge as the canonical version of DOT, renaming the current DOT in use on Osmosis to axlDOT.

This proposal directly creates Supercharged Liquidity pools of USDT/DOT and OSMO/DOT with 0.2% spread factors.

This proposal would also migrate incentives from the OSMO/axlDOT Supercharged pool, 773, to the newly created OSMO/ibcDOT Supercharged pool, over the next two routine incentive proposals at the rate of 50% per week.

Canonical Status

Canonical status sets the following agreement:

Default Asset List

Assets will be unprefixed in the default asset list, e.g. DOT with all other bridges’ assets being bridge1DOT, bridge2DOT, etc. Osmosis DAO requests that allied/friendly front-ends do the same, though any front-end is free to make its own decisions.

Osmosis Incentives

The DAO commits to prioritizing the Canonical Bridge assets, incentivizing them earlier and more heavily than the comparable assets of non-canonical bridges. In general, canonical pools should earn substantially more incentives per dollar of liquidity than their counterpart pools–under the base incentives model, not necessarily counting external incentive matching.


Composable did the work to ibc in and out of Polkadot and KSM and so it surely should be the canonical version.


Very yes from the team at Notional.

Absolutely, it makes a great deal of sense to do this.

Since Prop #571 will be creating a supercharged SFS axlDOT/OSMO liquidity pool what would passage of this proposal create:

A) a supercharged cenDOT/OSMO liquidity pool instead of a supercharged SFS axlDOT/OSMO liquidity pool; or

B) a supercharged cenDOT/OSMO liquidity pool in addition to a supercharged SFS axlDOT/OSMO liquidity pool. (Is someone providing the 10 OSMO to create the supercharged cenDOT/OSMO liquidity pool or is this another 10 OSMO that the proposal is expecting to be covered by the Community Pool since the Community Pool is spending 10 OSMO to create the supercharged axlDOT/OSMO pool?)

Either way, does it make more sense to create a supercharged SFS cenDOT/OSMO liquidity pool or create a supercharged cenDOT/OSMO liquidity pool and enable SFS at a later day?

Should the migration of liquidity incentives from the classic SFS axlDOT/OSMO liquidity pool to the supercharged (SFS) cenDOT/OSMO liquidity pool occur in phases?

Should the migration of liquidity incentives to the supercharged cenDOT/OSMO liquidity pool occur in two stages, the first stage being a 50% migration upon the pool maintaining at least half as much liquidity as the axlDOT/OSMO pool for one regular incentive adjustment period, and the second stage being the migration of other half of incentives upon maintaining a greater amount of liquidity than the axlDOT/OSMO pool for one regular adjustment period?

Since there is already axlDOT liquidity on Osmosis but zero KSM liquidity, why not first pursue the creation and incentivization of a supercharged SFS KSM/OSMO liquidity pool before pursuing the creation and migration of liquidity to a supercharged cenDOT/OSMO liquidity pool?

What other Centauri bridged assets besides PICA, DOT and KSM can Osmosis community members expect to see on Osmosis in the near future? (eg GLMR, CFG, EWT)

A) the ibcDOT/OSMO and ibcDOT/USDT pools would be created in addition to the axlDOT/OSMO supercharged pool that already has the signaling proposal passed. The axlDOT/OSMO would then potentially drain of liquidity as migration occurred, but might still exist.

B) The extra OSMO is only needed if Superfluid is enabled at the same time. Moving that from axlDOT/OSMO to ibcDOT/OSMO would be another proposal - but we’ve generally not enabled Superfluid on pairings coming from new listings so I don’t think that this should be included here.

We don’t need staged migration so much once Supercharged pools are the norm since the only bonders will be full range SFS, who are likely to be getting most of their rewards from the SFS status rather than the pool incentives.

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Is this not the same discussion as we are having on the Wormhole canonical topic? (Add Wormhole as a Canonical Bridge Service Provider)

Where we say that the whole conversation around canonical or not should also involve the Transmuter option (Upload Transmuter Contract - #4 by LeonoorsCryptoman)? Because if Transmuter is live, then the whole canonical / non-canonical discussion is gone as it seems?

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Personally, it seems to me that in an ideal world we would want to provide axlDOT/OSMO superfluidstakers the option to migrate their capital seamlessly to a SFS position in a supercharged SFS ibcDOT/OSMO pool if it is to be the canonical DOT/OSMO pool.

Yes, I agree, but Composable is available sooner than the Transmuter contract is :frowning:

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Gotcha. When will that be available? Is it worth postponing things?

Still waiting for audit - likely a month plus out as a wild guess. Not worth waiting for compared to Composable launching imo.

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And we also can’t do it with the migration links we will create in v17?
Not knowing the timeline of V17 anyways at this moment, so just a guess in the dark ^^


Can’t do Migration since they aren’t the same asset, does require the Transmuter to make that seamless.

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I like the ™ haaahaha

Thanks for the reply ^^