Can't edit posts

Hey, I’m pretty sure that I cannot edit posts here anymore.

Quick example -

I made this boneheaded post about reducing the dilator set which is a terrible idea, and now I need to edit it because it’s really a very bad idea, so I want to change the title to say abandoned.

Since I am able to edit this post, I believe what’s going on here is that maybe there’s a setting somewhere in the depths of this forum, the changes how long a post is editable for, and I would recommend at least 2 weeks but maybe infinite.

Have changed to infinite - was 1 day for new users, I imagine to avoid the bait and switch getting around moderation. But doesn’t really work for our usecase of editing proposals.

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So this thread is solved? Maybe also add that in the title of the thread?
Or can we assign categories? Solved / discussion / on chain / passed / rejected / etc?

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There’s a tag system, but apart from at thread creation I can’t see it anywhere.