Allow Custom Creation subDAO to create Supercharged pools without Quote asset requirements

This proposal grants the address osmo1k396geqx70uyyqf6kcvsz27n2c80fduagnhswxj3smny582pyyusf5qf6j the ability to create Supercharged liquidity pools that are not restricted by quote asset.


Supercharged pools may be created permissionlessly by any user as long as certain whitelisted parameters are followed.

One of these is the Quote asset, which restricts the number of pairings that can be created to prevent the exponential growth of routing calculations.

Some specific pairings require the use of non-Quote assets to be used for both sides, such as liquid staked tokens and their native asset.

Osmosis Version 20, added the ability for addresses to be whitelisted to avoid the Quote asset requirement for Supercharged pool creation.

This allows these pools to be created without a large number of potential pairings to the permissionless creation method.

Scope of abilities

This DAO has the ability to create any pairings, but must restrict itself to pools where:

  • The pairing of two assets, where one is a derivative of the other.
    • I.e. FOO and stFOO


  • The pairing of two assets, where the majority of trading volume requires a multihop
    • I.e. FOO is predominantly traded for BAR because they are closely linked projects. However, this trading currently occurs via the FOO/OSMO and BAR/OSMO pools. A FOO/BAR may be formed to improve trading rates without allowing BAR to become a quote asset.

SubDAO composition

The SubDAO will have instant execution enabled, requiring two of three members to approve a vote to pass a transaction.

This SubDAO still pays OSMO to the community pool, and a future proposal may grant this SubDAO an allowance for pool creation as this spend would be returned to the community pool on pool creation.

SubDAO page here:

Initial Members are:

  • Luisqa (Interbloc Validator)
  • Jeremy Parish (Osmosis Labs)
  • Zaki Manian (Iqlusion Validator)

Target On-chain Date: 31st October 2023

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Not so familiar with DAO’s yet (only member of 1 at the moment :stuck_out_tongue: ), but this address is the address of the DAO?

And things can only be done when they have passed internal governance and thus have a majority of the votes from the 3 members (like a multisig)?

Yes, this needs passing Osmosis governance to grant the address the power to do these things.

If it has the power then the creation logic just ignores the whitelisting requirement when they sign a transaction.

Acts like a multisig, but DAODAO tooling makes things so much easier and subDAO has a more ongoing role that multisigs imo.

Is there a process by which the community can submit pairings to the subdao for consideration?

For example, DAODAO allows for non-DAO members to submit proposals to the DAO. It might be nice to enable that feature to allow for the community to submit pair requests. Barring that, some kind of channel where people can contact the DAO members about potential pairs would be helpful

Similar to the Incentive working group on here, we should have an application thread! Also, they could choose to open up the proposal submission on DAODAO to the public, its set to members only for the moment.

I see this being pretty much only used for LSTs and really obvious pairings, just didn’t want to shut the door on some linked tokens using this by not including it in the initial scope.
Getting some data on what typical routes are is going to be important here.

I really miss the ability to directly link the proposal, like we have on Commonwealth…

But this one is on-chain btw: