Taker fee implementation - determining the details regarding height

You can’t use another’s discussion post as basis for your proposal.

I do agree that 0.1% taker fee seems like what the majority wants so we can go with that, but you still need to bring up a post if you plan to bring that on chain.

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More fees is just going to make Osmosis an even less competitive place to swap. CL pools have been cool, but when compared to the fees of Uniswap… it only makes sense to swap on Osmosis if:

  1. You’ve never used Uniswap
  2. Osmosis offers an asset not available there
  3. You don’t have a big CEX account

Any increase is going to have a negative impact on volume. The higher the fee, the more I expect this to amplify the reduction in volume.

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It is even worse. Going for the 0,1% has been decided by 2 people within 2 hours time.

Whereas if we follow this post there is a small working group where we are faaaaar from any consensus.

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Disappearing completely from what I understand.
Focus will be on the main trade pairings being a single hop and these will be being established very soon.
OSMO will likely cease to be the routing token for Osmosis and return to being mostly a governance token. The main complaint in the recent market has been that all tokens are paired with OSMO and so their prices subject to OSMO fluctuations.

O wow, is that not scary?

Because that will mean that OSMO-pools will also lose APR for pooling, which would most likely result in a lot of people selling their OSMO to go to the assets which are part of the single hop. Resulting in a potential scenario of a few strong direct pairs and a long tail of more obscure assets, but where OSMO as a token has little value because it does not participate in the trading.

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Please for the love of Osmosis, stop disincentivizing people from using this exchange.

We’re pushing updates (removing multihop, now taker fees) that look like they’re adding value to stakers on the surface, but they’re making it more expensive to transact on the exchange. This not only reduces the amount of volume stakers are generating revenue from, but it reduces the price/value of osmosis as an ecosystem AND a coin by removing utility.

Essentially we’re moving towards stakers taking a bigger part of a consequentially shrinking pie, rather than trying to make a bigger pie. This platform needs to rethink its vision. Make it attractive to use, rather than prohibitive.

There’s cheaper DEXes, why would any DEX user continue to use osmosis after these greedy updates?


0.1% fees was not decided by 2 people in 2 hours time. There has been countless discussions on this for months now. Twitter polls indicate that this is desired and governance already largely supported taker fees up to 0.15%.

What I was trying to do was prevent a few individuals from gatekeeping what governance has already decided. I will post a new thread to put on chain on Monday.

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