Governance Forum Migration

Original Thread: Commonwealth

For several months there have been complaints about Commonwealth’s accessibility and speed. Because of the nature of these complaints, they often don’t show on Commonwealth itself. While Commonwealth has been working hard at improving access for all, we have been exploring alternatives and, working with OSL members, have opened an alternative forum here:

For background on this, most of the discussion occurred in this twitter thread:

as well as a post I brought to Commonwealth to fulfil the posting requirements for chain proposals:

While this does not fulfil the posting requirements according to the on-chain proposal 438 as we specified Commonwealth to be the official governance forum, we will be crossposting topics to fulfill the governance requirement at least for a short period while we get feedback on the new site. If the new forum is well received, then a new version of 438 will be proposed.

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Yeah that’s really all I had to say but you know we have to do 20 words and that’s a small price to pay to be able to use the governance tooling

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