Fee Token Whitelist Controller - Add Saga and Initial Review

The newly added Fee Token Whitelist Controller has made the following changes to the fee tokens accepted on Osmosis:

SAGA was added as a fee token—adding tokens like this is a major purpose of this subDAO. Saga was a Layer 1 token airdropped to multiple participants.
This was added three days after the SAGA listing when the fee controller became available. This marked an improvement on the usual five-day governance process for previous listings and helped cement Osmosis as the main DEX for SAGA trading.

A full token review was also carried out, resulting in the following changes:

New Assets Added

  • WBTC
  • milkTIA
  • KSM.comp
  • SHD
  • ISLM
  • PAGE
  • FUND

Current Assets being updated by upgrade to CL pool

  • NTRN
  • XPRT
  • BTSG
  • USDC

Assets Removed

Fee Tokens are accepted for transactions and accumulated within the txfee module. They are then swapped to OSMO for onward distribution to Staked OSMO at epoch, so they currently require an OSMO pool with functional liquidity to be accepted.

There are now 141 alternative fee tokens to OSMO available: