Deploy Mad Pots on Osmosis - A Mad Scientists themed strategy game

Hey folks! I’m thrilled to share that I’ve developed a strategy game called Mad Pots inspired by Mad Scientists. Github Repository

Mad Pots has already launched on Neutron under the name Prudent Pots, and you can try it here: Prudent Pots on Neutron.

Why Osmosis?

With the recent increase in activity on Osmosis, especially from Mad Scientists NFTs and the memecoin launchpad at, there’s a strong community ready to get involved. This activity boosts awareness and participation in the $OSMO ecosystem.

What is Mad Pots?

Mad Pots is a strategy game where players predict which of five pots will win. Players deposit $OSMO into one or more pots, each with a unique winning condition. The game doesn’t involve randomness, promoting strategic thinking. I encourage you to play the Neutron version to fully understand the rules first.

Why Mad Pots?

We believe that this will bring more on-chain activity to Osmosis, as well as good community fun. And also because, everything is an experiment!

In the original version on Neutron, the game had a developer fee and a reallocation fee for anti-spam actions and next round funding. In the Mad Scientists version, these fees will be redistributed. We can decide who gets these funds and how, possibly through a cw721-based DAO, a $LAB-based DAO, or directly through my wallet, if that’s simpler. In this last case any funds collected will eventually move to a DAODAO as the game grows.

Additionally, MS holders get a discount on the minimum bet amount, increasing with each MS NFT they own on Osmosis. This allows for more tailored betting strategies and might encourage users to move their Stargaze-bridged MADs back to Osmosis.

Deploying Mad Pots

To initiate the deployment of Mad Pots, I propose that we collectively decide on the address to be whitelisted. Here is my wallet as an option to consider: osmo1p577t98ggzlucph3wwehmtmhqr75fda0rzuwwq, but as said this could be etiher a cw721-based DAO, a $LAB-based DAO, depending on what we choose to be the most convenient method.



This is an awesome experiment and you got my support. From the Mad Scientists side, we are always happy to help any builder creating original dApps on Osmosis.

More fun-tility and onchain tx is always good for Osmosis, as well as adding $LAB utility.

Thanks for building this out.


This sounds pretty fun!


Just having fun with assets is an important part of making projects a success. This has my vote ^^


Im ready to play!! Appreciate the hard work and openness to experimenting, magiodev! TYSM!


This is what i had envisioned from the start. This IP is incredibly valuable.

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Thanks you all for the feedbacks! I really appreciate that. Any opinion about the treasury funds destination/redistribution?

Do you intend to use it to generate yield in some way for either OSMO or LAB?
Or have it more served as a means to attract people to use it (by making bigger prize pools which build over time until someone wins it)?
And a part to pay devs to keeps adding new small features?

Yes it could be either spending the revenues to buy $LAB and burn it, or to accumulate till reaching 10.00 to mint a MS NFT and put it as eztra prize on top of the core game mechanics, or anything like that. At the moment the contract doesn’t distinguish between type of fees, even the reallocation fee is being sent out to the treasury address rather than kept for the next round, so dev fees are not taken in account.


But we could agree on some kind of development incentive in the split of spendings.
I mean, if I remember correctly payment for the core team is not necessary (correct me if I’m wrong) because being funded via other routes.

So the income of the game can purely be used for prizes or other fun elements to hook people and get them in, right?


Yes, exactly!

In the meanwhile I deployed a testnet version at for you Mads to try!

I will have also have a last iteration on the frontend to make some UI changes and enhance a bit the user experience.

Write better the game instructions and the draft of the governance proposal to post on mainnet then.


With the utmost respect, I must express that the launch of “NFT Fi” has been profoundly disappointing for retail participants and has been managed quite poorly. The misrepresentation that suggested it was an official Osmosis NFT product, coupled with a clear absence of thorough planning, has been particularly misleading.

Given the current state, it is hard to imagine it gaining popularity. I urge you to review the discussions on Discord; the sentiment there strongly indicates that the community is unlikely to embrace this game and further damage your position.

Which Discord channel? On Osmosis?

This proposal is on chain:

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