Adding superfluid messages into allowed ICA messages list

UnUniFi team has built a yield aggregator strategy where it utilizes superfluid staking mechanism through ICA and would like to add superfluid module messages into allowed ICA messages list to get the product live on mainnet.

This proposal grants permission to ICA accounts to execute superfluid module messages.

Following messages will be allowed as part the proposal execution.

- /osmosis.superfluid.MsgSuperfluidUndelegateAndUnbondLock

- /osmosis.superfluid.MsgLockAndSuperfluidDelegate

- /osmosis.superfluid.MsgSuperfluidDelegate

- /osmosis.superfluid.MsgSuperfluidUndelegate

- /osmosis.superfluid.MsgSuperfluidUnbondLock

- /osmosis.superfluid.MsgCreateFullRangePositionAndSuperfluidDelegate

- /osmosis.superfluid.MsgUnlockAndMigrateSharesToFullRangeConcentratedPosition

- /osmosis.superfluid.MsgAddToConcentratedLiquiditySuperfluidPosition

- /osmosis.superfluid.MsgUnbondConvertAndStake

Benefit of using Ununifi aggregator strategy

While building Osmosis strategy, we utilized ICA and ICQ technology and not built as a Osmosis cosmwasm contract, instead strategy contract is available on Ununifi chain and on Osmosis it only has ICA account governed by Ununifi strategy contract.

This is not taking out a lot of space on Osmosis network and pretty light weight.

Also Ununifi vault users can withdraw instantly from the reserve of bonded pool strategies by paying redemption fees in case they would like to withdraw instantly.


No risk. On Osmosis, normal accounts can execute any of these messages, ICA account is also a account on Osmosis and granting these permissions to ICA accounts would not bring any risk to the network.

About Ununifi

Ununifi supports asset management with DeFi + CeFi yield aggregation, aggregating the Best-in-Class yield strategies for the efficient operation of on-chain assets across blockchains.

We are utilizing IBC and cross-chain technologies heavily to support multichain yield aggregator strategies.

We have built the first yield aggregator strategies for Osmosis pools utilizing IBC, and going to support superfluid staking to provide the possibility to participate in consensus voting to generate more yield.

There will be separate strategies per superfluid staking validator and users can deposit into the strategy with the validator that they trust more.



This will be of immense benefit

ICA / ICQ are just nice tools to utilize the benefits the Cosmoverse can bring.

I am wondering when there will be a scenario where this can be tricked though, where the receiving chain “thinks” it receives messages from the sender which have in reality not been given.

Is that something which has been tested as far as you know?

How much would be the fees and would the withdrawal be instant or have an unbounding period??
Nice strategy btw